Tips For Cleaning Up After a Home Renovation

Tips For Cleaning Up After a Home Renovation
Published September 22, 2015 by ultrastarter in Articles

Tips For Cleaning Up After a Home Renovation 2(1)Home renovation is a lot of hard work, but you would not believe the amount of house cleaning that follows. Your home is made anew, and now it’s time to clean it up and have it look like new as well.

The effort required to do that is not much, all you need to do is show some diligence and pay attention. Your new renovated abode deserves great home cleaning provided with the desire to make everything sparkle and amaze your guests with your cleaning abilities as well as the renovating ones.

  • Always work top to bottom. Depending on the work you have been doing, plenty of dust must have stuck to the upper parts of the room. And you want to push off the dust before you proceed with vacuuming and carpet cleaning and so on, otherwise you just cleaned the floors just to dirty them again and then you will have to repeat the whole procedure.
  • Clean out all the coverings, protective newspapers and so on. You probably laid down a few of those before painting the walls or some corners. Remember where they all are and remove them because they carry all the dirt from the renovation and you do not want that around. Check every corner, and even under some surfaces. You’d be amazed how many of those you can find under a table.
  • While cleaning, you can think about using green products. Since the home is renovated, you can completely start over with a new way of cleaning – one that will not involve all the standard toxins-filled cleaners from the store. You can find it in your budget to get a green cleaning product – they are a bit more expensive, but provide for a healthier home.
  • If you can’t spare the money but still want a greener home, you can always use the home-made cleaning products found in your kitchen: white vinegar, salt, baking soda, and lemon juice. There is a reason they have been used ever since their cleaning properties were discovered. They can clean, disinfect, and freshen up almost every single surface a home has.
  • When cleaning after a renovation, you need to be thorough. If you had builders in, you need to look for builders waste everywhere. Some materials spread and hide like Olympic hide-and-seekers and you can be dusting off the grey plaster from the bottom of your carpet for weeks before getting it completely out. Leave no stones unturned when looking for leftover materials.
  • Think about adding varnish. Wooden surfaces can look even shinier, and they will be protected better if you add a layer of varnish after cleaning them, this way you add to the renovation as well as the overall look of the home.

As you can see, you don’t necessarily need to get professional cleaners over to get your house cleaned. You can always do it yourself – after all, it’s not brain surgery. So save yourself the time you will be spending looking for cleaning agencies and roll up those sleeves – you have some chores at hand.