Renovation Ideas after Kids Move out

Renovation Ideas after Kids Move out
Published November 2, 2015 by ultrastarter in Articles

Renovation Ideas after Kids Move out 2Once your kids move out of your home, you will have a much easier time figuring out potential solutions for what you can do with the space you already have. For many of us this is the perfect time to make things work so make use of the moment and see about figuring out what new projects you can work on to make things work:

Downsizing versus keeping items

A lot of couples don’t really retire as soon as their last kid moves out of the house, but there are many reasons why seriously planning ahead for a reduced income will be a good solution on making things work. For a lot of couples this means dividing the profits from the sale of their current home and making use of them between retirement plans and a smaller living space if need be. Your initial home improvement efforts and remodeling decisions will be based on whether you plan on staying in the home as a long-term solution or to improve it for a resale. If you plan on staying in the home indefinitely, then you will need to work on updating the kitchen and bathrooms accordingly. Regardless of your choices you will have a chance to pull it off with no kids around. Do keep in mind that it would be a good idea to focus on home cleaning as well once they are gone to make the rooms more accommodating.

Keep your bedrooms intact

You may dream about a nice home office or a room where you can do some crafting, but you should avoid making any serious changes unless you feel this is the right time to do so. You will naturally have the kids come over once in a while, so they may bring friends around as well. Make sure you keep your rooms maintained and cleaned. Doing some regular carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning will help that in the long run so you won’t wonder what is wrong with things.

Renovation Ideas after Kids Move out 1Making a master suite for your guests

Tearing out walls between bedrooms is a fairly common practice nowadays, with more and more residential buildings converting the extra space into multiple guest rooms for their grown up children and grandchildren, getting ready for potential visits. There is a difference between the usual bedroom and a guest suite of course, since the guest suite will have a different goal as a whole. You would need to add more than the usual bed and a few other thing, as in many cases this can be made into a bed and breakfast situation where you can really make the place shine. Make sure you plan the place with easier cleaning in mind, as the rooms will likely stay unused for most of the time and you will rarely get to use them yourself. Home cleaning will require a bit of work and preparation, so you will need to work on making it happen every week or so.