Once Flood Waters Subside What You Should Do

Once Flood Waters Subside What You Should Do
Published August 31, 2017 by ultrastarter in Articles

Once Flood Waters Subside

As a result of severe flooding in Houston, homeowners may find themselves dealing with damp, soggy homes and furnishings. The most important thing to consider before going into a house after a flood is safety.

Once flood waters subside, your home must be dried out as quickly as possible. Various types of mold will start to grow within 48 to 72 hours. Carpets, pads and furniture that were submerged should be removed from your home completely and drywall that was soaked should be cut out and discarded.

Homeowners Should be Aware

Homeowners should be aware that if flood water came from natural bodies of water, it could contain sewage and other contaminates. Bacterial content isn’t necessarily an issue, but it could be. Surfaces can be disinfected with a solution of one part bleach to nine parts water.

Incredible Renovations is here to help you take the necessary steps to dry out your home quickly to mitigate water damage and save your possessions.

Drying out after flood damage should be considered a top priority on your to do list.

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