Incredible Renovations and Custom Homes participates in Houston’s Adopt a Drain Program

Incredible Renovations and Custom Homes participates in Houston’s Adopt a Drain Program
Published September 7, 2018 by ultrastarter in Articles

Incredible Renovations and Custom Built Homes would like to announce their proud participation in Houston’s Adopt a Drain Program.Adopt a Drain Houston

Mayor Sylvester Turner announced the program in partnership with Houston Public Works, Keep Houston Beautiful and community groups.

“We love Houston so it was a no brainer when it came to participating in this program,” said Adam Bakir, General Manager, Incredible Renovations.

Houston launched the adopt-a-drain program to help residents keep water flowing and avoid backups especially during hurricane season.

Houston has close to 115,000 storm drains in total and there are many still available for adoption.

Turner reached out residents of the nation’s fourth largest city, with more than 2.3 million people and asked them to volunteer and make sure their neighborhood drains are free of leaves, trash and other debris. He said that Houston spends $13 million annually on storm drain maintenance, inspection and repairs but it just isn’t enough.

Not only does this program help our community stay litter-free, it also reduces the impacts of storm water runoff for a sub-watershed of your local stream; it enhances community awareness of storm water runoff and non-point source pollution and it fosters environmental stewardship by businesses and members of the community.

After you sign up you need to raise your right hand and make a promise to:

  • Adopt at least one storm drain and keep it clear of leaves & trash
  • Clean 10 feet on both sides of the drain at least 4 times per year at each location (especially before it rains)
  • Compost or place leaves in a lawn bag or compostable bag (City of Houston trash)
  • Place any trash in the garbage bin
  • Let the City of Houston know if I move away or can no longer give my adopted drain the love and care it deserves

“As part of our civic duties to the community as a company. Houston has 115,000 drains and they need help keeping them clear of debris so that Houston does not continue to flood,” said Judyth Piazza, PR & Marketing Manager, Incredible Renovations.

If you would like participate in the CLAIM YOUR DRAIN program, click here.