Are You Thinking about Adding a 2nd Story Addition to Your Home?

Are You Thinking about Adding a 2nd Story Addition to Your Home?
Published March 12, 2019 by ultrastarter in Articles

One of the latest trends for homeowners with ranch-style homes is to create more space with a 2nd story addition.

When adding a second story to your home it will provide more square footage and greatly increase your home value significantly.

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Advantages of adding a Second Story Addition

One advantage of building up if space is in short supply, you have two options.

You can move or you can expand your living space. Moving is not only more costly, it could mean switching schools or extending your commute to work.

An alternative is adding a second story which can provide more space, brighten interior spaces, and modernize the entire look and feel of your home.

Benefits of Building Up

With a new addition, you can design the space to fit your specific needs. From creating a new office to finally getting that home theater you’ve always dreamed of, the possibilities are endless. You can even modify the flow of your first story floor plan at the same time. That spiral staircase or higher kitchen ceiling can be yours at a fraction of what you’d pay if it was done as a separate project.

You are preserving the back yard by having more space for your children to play or you could even add a patio, swimming pool, and more. Ultimately, it is less expensive to build up than it is to build out.

When you’re ready to raise the roof and add an Incredible second story addition, call Incredible Homes at 713-532-2526!