How to Eliminate Humidity in Garages

How to Eliminate Humidity in Garages
Published October 11, 2019 by ultrastarter in Articles

humidtyHumidity in Garages

Humidity in garages is usually caused by exterior ground drainage combined with warm temperature and uncontrolled humidity inside.

The higher temperature inside can be exacerbated by heaters or second refrigerators/freezers etc. A fan helps move the air out but doesn’t replace it with dry air especially in the summer time when humidity is high outside.

┬áHere’s what Incredible Homes recommends

  • The first thing to do is to improve surface drainage around the garage. This must be done before you do any additional measure.
  • Apply epoxy to the floor to minimize water transfer as most of the humidity now comes through the floor.
  • Install a good dehumidifier but make sure you attend to it by frequently monitoring and emptying the generated water. At Amazon there are a few to choose from between $200 to $300.
  • You don’t have the problem inside the house because the temperature is controlled, and humidity. Inside an air conditioned room we expect humidity to be a constant 50 to 55% while outside it fluctuates to over 90%. Controlling temperature in the garage by a wall unit helps.

There are many other measures that help, some less effective than others.

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