Having Your Attic Converted: Regulations to Know About

Having Your Attic Converted: Regulations to Know About
Published March 1, 2021 by ultrastarter in Articles

Many homeowners wonder if it is possible to add value to their property without breaking the bank and bleeding it dry. The good news is that there are certain renovation strategies that will yield this exact result. One of which is to remodel your attic and turn it into a living space. Instead of spending upward of $75,000 on adding and constructing new rooms in your home, this will be a much better investment and worthwhile home remodeling idea.

Before you begin mapping out the upgrades and changes you want to make, it is important to know the regulations that govern this type of remodeling project. There are specific protocols that must be followed to prevent accidents, damage to property and fires. 

Having Your Attic Converted: Regulations To Know About

1 – Floor Space Regulations

The sad truth is that many older homes may not have the space dimensions needed to meet the criteria to convert your attic. You have to make sure that you have enough space to create a comfortable living space. This will mean at least 70 sq ft of floor space, should have at least 7 feet of usable space in any direction, and at least 50% of the floor space should have a ceiling height of 7.5 feet.

2 – Roof Rafter Or Trusses

You should next look into if you have roof rafters or trusses. The latter will make a better choice because of the added support it provides. You need to ensure that the converted attic will be safe as well as comfortable for people to be able to officially call it a place of dwelling.

3 – Suitable Access

Your attic should be easily accessible. If you need to get into it via a hole in the ceiling, through a window or hard-to-reach entrance, this will not make it able to meet the needed requirements. The reason for this is to make the space safe and easily escapable in case of any accidents or fires in your home. If the door or exit is not easily accessible, the chances of injury or even death will be higher.

4 – Flooring Requirements

You also need to ensure that the flooring in your attic will be able to withstand and support people going in and out if it like any other place in the house. Attics are more used to supporting dead loads, and they may need to be reinforced in order to be able to function as a proper room for people to sleep in and go in and out of on a regular basis. 


Converting your attic space into a comfortable and safe living space will be great if you do not want to spend an arm and a leg for your renovation. However, you need to be careful that all the aspects of your remodel meet the requirements and regulations set by the United States Fire Administration. 

If you are unsure about these regulations, asking for the opinion of a building renovation team. These professionals will know exactly what the building and fire codes are and how to adhere to them. You can be assured that your renovation project will be a success and will be in line with all the set safety regulations.

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