Constructing a Home Addition: Should You Build Up or Build Out?

Constructing a Home Addition: Should You Build Up or Build Out?
Published April 30, 2021 by ultrastarter in Articles

Building a home is an incredible milestone that every homeowner looks forward to when they finally have the time and budget to make a change. For some, all they need is extra space for a growing family, and the best way to do that is by constructing a home addition. However, it’s not quite as simple as just adding an extra room in your home. 

When you construct your home addition, there are a plethora of things you need to consider. But one that tops the list is you need to decide whether you want to add to your house horizontally or vertically. 

What’s In A Home Extension Project?

To help you with this decision, you need to know the purpose of your addition. Do you need more kitchen space? Do you want more outdoor living spaces? Do you need an extra office? These questions can help determine what type of construction you need to be doing. 

There’s more than one way to construct a home addition. That’s why it’s important that you go over your home goals and carefully plan the project with a reliable home renovation company. 

If you’re still unsure whether you need to build your home up or out, read on. We’ll share with you what you need to know about building out and building up and find what’s best for the home of your dreams. Let’s get to it!

Building Out

Most home additions work with a ground-floor level of the building. Most home additions happen on the first floor and often involve a kitchen addition, family room addition, or if a homeowner wants a one-story home. 

When you’re building out your home, there are a few steps that a home renovation company will do. First, they need to bring in excavating equipment and dig up a black hole in the yard or wherever the addition will sit. After that, they’ll add the foundation and begin constructing the walls and roof of the addition. 

Here are some advantages of building out your home:

  • Least disruptions;
  • You may do a bump out and avoid foundation work;

Here are some disadvantages:

  • You may lose space in your yard;
  • You might require a zoning variance from the town;
  • Face limitations in floor-area ratio rating;

Building Up

If you don’t want to expand the footprint of your home, you can always choose to build up. To do this, you can expand and expand the existing top floor by installing dormers in a pitched roof so you can create a functional living space. 

When you’re building up, contractors will need to expose and adjust your existing foundation and wall structure for the additional space. They do this to ensure that your foundation will handle the extra weight it will carry.

Here are some advantages of building up:

  • You won’t lose yard space;
  • You won’t need to worry about zoning restrictions;
  • You won’t have to consider floor-area-ratio limits;

Here are some disadvantages of building up:

  • Some towns have a limit on the allowable height for houses;
  • You’ll also need to account for a stairwell, which usually takes up about 80 to 120 square feet;
  • Your contractor may need to tear up your walls and ceiling, as well as adjust your plumbing, electrical lines, and more;

The Bottom Line: Building Up or Building Out — Which One’s Best?

The real answer for whether you should build up or out relies heavily on your home addition goals. This is why before starting any projects, you should work with a home renovation company so you can tackle the pros and cons of every living space. 

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