Telling The Difference Between Renovation And Remodeling

Telling The Difference Between Renovation And Remodeling
Published May 7, 2021 by ultrastarter in Articles

Maintaining your home throughout the years gets a little easier along the way, but some parts of the house need to get fixed as age takes a toll. However, upon calling up the home experts, you might be confused when they ask you whether you’re looking to undergo a renovation or a remodel. 

Contrary to popular belief, both processes aren’t the same. It’s important to note the distinction between the two, too so that you have a clear understanding with the professionals about what procedures want to occur in your household. Here’s a breakdown of the difference between renovation and remodeling:

Definition Of Renovation And Remodelling

Projects that involve renovating and remodeling both serve the same purpose of making your home better. The most significant difference between them is their primary definition and how the process is carried out. 

A renovation project usually means that something old is revitalized and restored. The end project will make it look like an enhanced version of what it was before, just slightly newer and better. This usually encompasses paint jobs and fixing up cabinets. Nothing of what it once was is altered by the professionals—it’s just made better.

However, a remodeling project will require structures in the home to change or be remade. This usually includes replacements and additions to the home, leaving you with something fundamentally different. If it is something taken away and changed, whether it’s putting up an extra wall or replacing the storage units in a garage, that’s considered as a remodel. 

Area For Renovation And Remodelling

Almost any area of the home can be subject to renovation and remodeling, and it can just differ on how it’s carried out. If a kitchen will be renovated, this will entail the walls getting painted, new lighting getting installed, and changing up the windows. If a kitchen is remodeled, this means a wall is getting extended for a new cooking area and that home’s layout changes. 

Another great example is if you’re going to make a new area in your home like a home office. If you’re repurposing an already existing room for your workspace, that transformation is classified as renovation. However, in the event that there’s no free space and you’re going to alter the home’s structure to include an office, that’s considered remodeling. 

Use Of Renovation And Remodelling

Renovations are usually done when a part of the home is damaged or old, and you still want to utilize it. Professionals aim to revitalize and improve the quality of living in that building for the occupants of the home, especially in an area that isn’t quite viable or usable anymore.

Meanwhile, remodeling is used when the homeowner wants a complete transformation. There’s no waiting for the rooms or any part of the house to get damaged because the appearance, structure, and layout are just set to change afterward.


To reiterate, a renovation is done to fix and bring back a part of the home to life, while remodeling is altering the layout and structure of a building. Differentiating a renovation job from a remodeling gig can be quite important to clarify with a contractor. 

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