How an Attic Can Be Transformed Into an Enjoyable Game Room

How an Attic Can Be Transformed Into an Enjoyable Game Room
Published June 18, 2021 by ultrastarter in Articles

One major issue that homeowners tend to have and wind up complaining about is not having enough space. They also have a tendency to wistfully bring up house renovation and how another room would be quite helpful. 

The attic and basement alike are great choices for having an extra living area in a home. A lot of homes tend to use them as nothing more than storage areas, largely ignored. However, what many people may not know is that transforming those rooms can be done in a way that they become functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Examples of this include turning the basement into a modern bedroom. Another one involves attic conversion. That can lead to the creation of a fully functional game room.

Converting Your Attic Game Room

There are several benefits to converting your attic into a game room instead. It’s a great way to take a break from the rest of your life’s hustle and bustle. Moreover, the family will have a new place to do fun bonding activities together.

Here are some tips for an attic to be transformed into an enjoyable game room:

Make Sure Your Base Is Strong

Design and decorating alike leave a lot of room for negotiation as things go along. However, something that cannot be compromised at all is the floor of your attic. A game room makes this extra crucial, because a game room tends to have a lot of heavy things: ping-pong table, foosball table, even a billiards table! Even a single one of those things will require a floor that’s stronger than usual, especially when you factor in frantic activity that comes with that area. Consult an expert to find out just what your attic floor’s structural strength is before any renovation occurs.

Keep the Color Scheme Simple

When the area that’s getting designed is a rather small space, the best color scheme to move forward with is one that’s simple. For an attic, that’s wholly necessary. How many attic rooms with sloped ceilings have you seen painted in white? Using the white paint tactic allows for that space’s visual fragmentation to be reduced considerably. It will also let a game room located in the attic look far bigger than its actual size. It’s best to keep the color palette within monochrome and, if necessary, involve a pop or two of color for accent in the mix.

Remember that the game tables and accessories will bring a lot of color into the attic game room. When there are a lot of bright colors, it could seem congested and overloaded. A good way to add more airiness to the attic room is having a mirrored surface.

Get the Games

When you know how strong your attic floor is, you can start choosing your games. Some attics may not take a billiards table or ping-pong table. However, many consoles have come out that combine the likes of air hockey, foosball, and even billiards. If you have non-negotiable games, reach out to designers because you may just find a key solution.


A lot of people tend to neglect their attic or treat it as nothing more than storage. The truth is, the space can actually be converted to a functional roomlike a game room. To get that done, make sure your base is strong, keep the color scheme simple, and get the games you love.

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