5 Questions to Ask before You Build an Attic in Your Home

5 Questions to Ask before You Build an Attic in Your Home
Published July 2, 2021 by ultrastarter in Articles

Do you want to add space to your Houston home? How about a new bedroom, a library, or an additional room to increase your privacy? If you looked around the house, but there’s no space left for an additional room, consider building an attic.

Getting a general contractor to convert a free headroom for the attic might be the answer to your space woes. After all, these room additions and conversions are cheaper and easier compared to building a totally new space. 

Before you start dialing your dependable attic conversion service providers to build your dream attic space, there are many elements to think about. Ask yourself these six questions before you make a final decision.

How Are You Going Up? 

Are there any staircases leading to the attic? If you have a staircase, make sure to see if it’s still in good condition. If there’s a broken staircase or no staircase at all, consider building one to lead to your upstairs space. There are home remodeling companies in Houston that could help you with sleek staircase designs while keeping the building code in mind. 

How Is the Headroom in Your Target Space? 

Make sure to check your headroom before building your dream attic. Grab some measuring tools to see if you have at least 7 feet of space from the top of the floor to the lowest part of the ceiling. You should aim for a total living space of at least 70 square feet overall, so you can ensure you’ll be comfortable in the attic.

How Is the Room Lighting?

Before applying insulators and drywall to your new attic, talk to your home remodeling contractor about how to install the necessary light bulbs and other electrical fixtures. You need to settle the electrical system, which may be complex even if you have a small space. You can also put a skylight and add more windows to catch more natural light and have a great view of the sky at night. 

How Are Insulation and Ventilation?

The temperature in the attic may be drastically different from the rest of your home. Proper insulation is necessary so that it wouldn’t be too hot nor too cold inside the attic. You also need to install an additional heater or AC to ensure that the attic has livable temperatures throughout the year. 

Windows, skylights, and AC installed in your attic can also help with ventilation and air circulation. Open windows can help bring in the fresh air to prevent humidity and a musty smell.

How Strong Are the Floors?

Flooring is the foundation of all things that have weight. You need to make sure that your attic floor can withstand heavy furniture and foot traffic. See if your floor has rafters and trusses underneath to ensure safety. Rafters are large, triangular beams that hold the roof and the ceiling together, while trusses are beams that keep the structural integrity of rafters. 

Structural engineers are needed to ensure that the flooring would withstand heavy objects and human activity. 

Final Thoughts

Building a livable attic space is the most cost-effective way to expand your home. You can utilize this space for more function, storage, and even family enjoyment. Once you begin planning for your attic addition, contact qualified contractors to lend a helping hand. 

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