Is It Better To Build A House Now or Later?

Is It Better To Build A House Now or Later?
Published August 6, 2021 by ultrastarter in Articles

With rising material costs and a heated real estate market, many prospective homeowners worry if home renovation or building a home today is the best option. For a few reasons, you may need to wait. Now is a great moment to start for most of our clients.

Building a home now is a smart move, and even though it may appear that you should wait to develop, the market does not always function as expected. Here are several reasons to get started right now.

You Won’t Get Any Younger

Waiting to construct a unique home means living in your present home. A lousy commute or a crumbling structure might rob you of precious years of life. Your life will change as you grow older, change careers, or send your kids to college. Now is the moment for home renovation or to acquire the house you deserve.

Planning Custom Homes Takes Time

The alarming situation of lumber pricing has presumably been reported in the media, affecting new building expenses. Still, existing price models aren’t an issue f you haven’t begun planning a custom house. It takes 6 to 9 months to break ground and shop for supplies. Start planning today, if nothing else. When you’re ready to start, you’ll have the necessary foundation.

You Can Acquire a Land Today

You have to take advantage of the heated real estate market to find the land you desire while still accessible. Not everyone can purchase any lot anywhere–you have to know the ground is excellent before buying it. For example, you want to build a play area for your kids or maintain horses on the site. Due to the lack of home inventory, buyers continue to flood the market—and it will only worsen.

There Is No Predicting the Future

The underlying issue with long-term projects like a home building is the inability to anticipate the future. You may wait only to watch prices (and interest rates) rise. With such high demand in New Jersey, prices are unlikely to fall, especially for land. Waiting too long may cost you the opportunity to buy.

Demand Will Eventually Win Out

It’s simple to believe that housing demand won’t worsen, but that’s not always true. People who have put off building a bespoke house due to the epidemic will become tired of waiting. There is a workforce shortage in construction. Even if the material prices fall, the market will be flooded with people like you. Waiting even a few months longer may result in losing your preferred builder or building date.

Now Is The Time To Finance

Money is easy to acquire now, and you’ll get some of the most excellent rates you’ll ever see. To keep the housing market afloat last year, the Fed cut rates. While mortgage rates may be higher now than a year ago, they are still lower than rates in 2019 or before. With cash, you may be able to retain it in your investments and use loans instead. And if you need money to get your custom home, now is the time to act.

When to Delay Custom Home Building

Even though most of our prospective clients would benefit from starting the construction process immediately, there are a few situations where it may be preferable to wait at least a year or two.

When you cannot afford to build a new home, it is wise to delay custom building, or you’ll bury yourself in unnecessary costs, or worse, debts. You can create a feasible timeline when it’s best to start your home remodel or building project and fine-tune details in your planning so when the money comes up, you will be ready.


You can’t build a custom house and move in a few months later. Even if the properties you visit don’t fulfill all your requirements, you can accomplish that with an existing housing inventory. 

Building a new house takes time, especially if you start during a busy season. If you have a tight deadline coming up, you may need a temporary home to allow you time to plan your dream home.

Are you ready to build a custom home? Creating a custom house is an exciting experience but requires careful planning. That said, let Incredible Homes help you make your dream home come to life. We are among the most trusted and reliable home renovation contractors in Houston, TX. Contact us today!