Valuable Things You Need to Know About Home Addition

Valuable Things You Need to Know About Home Addition
Published August 20, 2021 by ultrastarter in Articles

A home addition adds a significant value to your home. Aside from having additional space, you can also have an additional investment. If you’re considering adding usable square footage to your existing space, you must know these valuable things before you proceed with your home addition. 

What Are the Types of Home Addition You Can Do?

There are different types of addition you can do with your home when you are in Seattle. Depending on your budget, goals, functionality, and aesthetics, you can find one that suits you. To give you an idea for your home addition project, here are some of the types that you can choose: 

    • Building Out – This type is also known as conventional addition. When you choose this kind of structure, you will increase the footprint of the ground-floor level of your home. Your contractor will install a new foundation or slab to create new walls and roofs while still blending in with the design of your current exterior. 
    • Building Up – The building up type of addition simply means adding another layer of space or a second-story structure.
  • Dormer Addition – A dormer addition is perfect for a stick-framed roof with an attic. It is the extension of a sloped roof, creating additional ceiling height. 
  • Bump Out – A bump-out addition does not require any foundation work. It’s just a small extension of an existing room, like a patio in front of your house or adding a kitchen space from your backyard.
  • Basement Addition – This type of home addition requires digging out or lifting to have a usable space under that will be your basement. 

What Is the Popular and Ideal Type of Home Addition?

As mentioned, the type of home addition will depend on your budget, goals, functionality, and aesthetics. However, the building-up addition is the most popular and ideal kind of home addition that can really expand and completely transform your home. When you choose this addition, you can have a partial or full additional level, allowing you to have other functional rooms. 

You can even transfer some of the room functions from your first level to the second level, creating more space on your first floor. Some people choose a build-up home addition because they want to create a secluded master suite, add more bedrooms and bathrooms for a growing family, modernize the exterior while adding space, or gain livable space without decreasing the yard’s space. 

Once you proceed with a build-up home addition, your contractor will remove your roof and build up a second story topped with a new roof. 

Why Should You Expand Your Existing Home?

The reason for expanding your home will solely depend on you. However, knowing these benefits might help you make an informed decision before expanding your home:

  • You can customize your home’s additional space
  • You don’t have to look for another house with a bigger space because you can create more space instead
  • You don’t have to transfer your kids to different schools just because you need to move to a bigger house somewhere
  • You can boost the resale value if you decide to sell your house in the future


A home addition is a smart move compared to selling your house to purchase a larger one. This way, you don’t have to pay additional costs like higher mortgage rates, realtor fees, and the like. You only have to pay the construction and contractor with a home addition, which is relatively more cost-effective. After knowing these valuable things, you’re ready to have your house remodeled, so contact your trusted contractors now!

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