Which Is Better for the Kitchen: A Painted or Stained Cabinetry?

Which Is Better for the Kitchen: A Painted or Stained Cabinetry?
Published October 22, 2021 by ultrastarter in Articles

It is no secret how owning a home can be overwhelming and stressful. But amidst the financial challenges and all the paperwork, most homeowners would agree that the decision-making process makes the whole procedure more complicated than it should. 

Buying a home is no easy task, and it takes people years before they finally complete their payment. When you decide to do this next big chapter in your life, you must not settle for anything less than what you deserve, especially one that comes with a significant price.

Homeowners try to make their homes the perfect place to relax during rest days. Another important factor is for their property to reflect their personality. It may take homeowners a long time before finalizing everything, but the intention is the same—to live in a house they love. If you have the same goal, this is where the idea of the custom-house comes in. However, it involves much internal decision-making. 

Painted or Stained Cabinetry: Which to Choose?

One of the seemingly minor yet toughest decisions to make when opting to customize a home is the type of finish you want for your kitchen cabinetry. There are two best-selling types that you can decide on: painted or stained cabinetry. Suppose you are also confused about the two quality options. In that case, you can choose based on comparing the categories: their look and feel, durability and upkeep, and cost. 

On Look and Feel

When choosing the type of cabinetry finish for your home, you need to consider how its aesthetic would complement the look you want for your kitchen. What do you think goes better with your chosen flooring, lighting, countertops, and more? If you’re hoping to do a complete kitchen remodeling and start from scratch, you can begin by collecting inspiration. Look for kitchen interiors that you would want to have. 

Soon you will recognize common elements that most of your ideal photos share. That could help shed some light on where to begin. In some cases, your inspiration photos would already show you your style preference. 

You probably would like the painted cabinetry if you want the following characteristics:

  • Highly customizable; can change to any color
  • Smooth and clean look
  • No noticeable knots and wood graining

If you prefer the following, the stained cabinetry would be a perfect choice:

  • Organic, rusty, and earthy feel
  • Highlighted texture
  • Showing off the wood knots and graining

On Durability and Upkeep

If you want cabinetry that is easy to maintain and can last for a long time, there’s no question that it would be the stained one. Since not many changes happened with the material, it remains sturdy and easy to maintain. Because of its rough texture, any piece of wood would suffice should you need to repair and replace the wood. 

Meanwhile, you need to be extra careful if you choose painted cabinetry. Paints are prone to getting marks and chips. Should you need to recolor one cabinet, you might need a complete overhaul as paints are challenging to match. 

On Price

Painted or stained cabinets can be costly for different reasons. Painted cabinetry is usually cheaper in material expense, but it requires more work. Therefore, you end up spending more on labor. 

On the other hand, stain-grade wood is simpler to do. You can save on the labor cost and the time needed to make it, but the material used to create them can be highly expensive. 


Kitchen remodeling is one of the most exciting projects you can do for your home. Make sure that you choose the cabinetry that fits your taste, requirements, and budget best. Both the painted and stained cabinetry have their good points and drawbacks. The best choice would be what works with your priorities and matches your preferences the most. 

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