4 Advantages of Getting a Second Story Addition for the Home

4 Advantages of Getting a Second Story Addition for the Home
Published November 19, 2021 by ultrastarter in Articles

Living in the same space for months upon months can often make a place seem a little more homely and familiar, but the house also seems to shrink at the same time. As the space slowly gets smaller and the items that you own increase, you may desire a little more from your property.

Most homeowners believe that the only choice that they have is to let go of their house and to look for another. However, you can build upon your current household and remake your dream home better.

Second-story additions to the home can allow you to stay in the comfort of your home while allowing you to add extra room to the top of the house. Here are several advantages of adding a second story:

1) More Space

As mentioned above, staying in the same home may feel like your living space is getting smaller and smaller. Being able to have a second story can be a great solution that brings forth extra living space for you to work with and recreate your dream place.

Use these spaces to your heart’s desire, choosing either to have a new bathroom, create a spare bedroom or make up a secret storage room. This benefit can be quite the helping hand when having other people or pets stay at the same property.

2) Better Value

If you’re looking for any financial benefits with getting a second story, look at it as an investment into the value of the home. Certain home improvements, such as a second story, will make an immense improvement on how your home will be priced in the future.

As a general rule, the price will balloon depending on the house’s size. You can look forward to better curb appeal as well when you remodel and change up the look of your new home to accommodate the extra floor. Be sure to hire expert contractors to handle this project with care. 

3) Less Hassle to Move

Second-story additions to the home are the perfect alternative to having to move house. Save yourself tons of hassle, whether it’s from packing your belongings, house-hunting, scouting locations, arranging paperwork, and more.

Plus, if you’re already attached to the location and home that you’re currently at, there’s no need to up and leave it. Look at this home improvement as an enhancement of the house that you already love without losing anything in turn. 

4) Increased Yard Use

Another potential solution to getting more space without moving out would have been to extend the home’s length rather than its height. However, that could have forsaken any yard space that you have been planning to utilize.

Luckily, by tweaking your plans and extending your house upwards instead, you’re able to keep your backyard as it is. Have it available for your children’s use or your own when gardening or just enjoying some tea, where you’ll be thankful for that space to breathe.


Homeowners will find a second story truly advantageous, especially since they’ll be able to resolve any issues or problems they have had prior. This home enhancement might be what you need to revitalize your living space.

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