The Three Custom Home Construction Mistakes to Avoid

The Three Custom Home Construction Mistakes to Avoid
Published February 26, 2022 by Rob in Articles, Blog

When it comes to building our dream home, we could be clueless. Thus, it’s important to know what to do right as well as the common mistakes to be avoided. After all, it’s all too easy to get flustered and overwhelmed. 

Read on as we thoroughly discuss the three custom home construction mistakes you should avoid.

How to Build a House 

Homes are built in stages. As a result, mistakes can occur during the home construction process. We hope that this guide sheds some light on them so that you can leave with the best home-building advice. 

Three Custom Errors to Avoid

As previously stated, mistakes can happen during the construction process. The three most common errors are listed below. 

1) Developing Custom Home Plans without Involving Your Builder 

This is, by far, the most common type of construction mistake. Choosing a custom home builder before designing their own home is a waste of time and money. 

Buyers should select their builder first, followed by design, for several reasons: 

  1. The budget is critical, and the builder is well aware of the costs involved. 
  2. Architects determine your budget. 
  3. Buyers can save money by customizing an existing design. 

You must first begin with selecting a home builder. This way, you can get professional advice on budgeting and costs. The costs are borne by the builder rather than the architect, designer, homeowner, salesperson, or real estate agent. Because the local home builder oversees the entire project, they are well-versed in new home construction cost-cutting measures. 

2) The Budget Is Affected by the Design of a Home

The cost of building a house is influenced by three factors: 

  • The Dimensions of the House 

Larger homes necessitate a greater outlay of materials and labor. The larger the kitchen, the more cabinets, counters, and flooring are needed; the higher the roof, the more shingles, lumber, and labor are needed. 

While it is true that a larger home costs less per square foot than a smaller home and that a smaller home may cost more overall, size is usually the most important driver of total custom home costs. 

  • The Home’s Complexity 

The structural complexity of a home can change the entire plan. At the same time, it can make or break your budget as well. So before you finalize on some construction, ask professionals to look over or create a feasible design plan that works best with the property, materials, and budget you have. Without their expertise, the complexity and cost can skyrocket. 

  • The Features

There are many factors to consider when buying a home that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. 

Two homebuilders can quote the same size home but charge vastly different prices. The cost of a new home can vary greatly depending on the project’s complexity and the features included. This is why it is so difficult to obtain an “average price per foot” for a home from three different builders. 

What a builder considers to be a home varies greatly. This explains why starting the design process without consulting your builder is difficult. 

3) Customizing Pre-designed Homes Can Save Money

It is always more expensive to customize a plan that the builder does not already offer. 

A new design necessitates more upfront planning and design work, and the builder is liable for any unexpected costs associated with the construction of a new home style. If the builder’s standard is single-story brick homes with 9′ ceilings and simple roof designs, and you start with stucco and siding, two-story ceilings, and a steep, complicated roof, he cannot build it for the same price. Portfolio plans, as opposed to fully customized plans, are frequently designed with cost savings in mind. This is not an excuse to avoid making one-time plans; it is simply a fact to consider. 


If you select a plan that the builder has already built or designed and value-engineered, the builder will have a much better idea of how much that home will cost. Even if your design is one-of-a-kind, adhering to the builder’s design principles allows him to concentrate on what he does best: maximizing value and minimizing costs.

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