How to Transform Your Attic Into a Cozy New Addition

How to Transform Your Attic Into a Cozy New Addition
Published March 7, 2022 by Rob in Articles

Do you have an unfinished attic that you want to convert into a new room in your household? This guide will give you a detailed look at how you can do just that. Before starting the process of finishing an attic, make sure you have gone through the initial preparations first. Usually, a room in a living space must meet specific building requirements. This would be the same case for your attic. 

Attic Renovation: What You Need to Do

You should see if you will need a building permit to convert your attic. This is essential when adding electrical wiring or ventilation to the attic. This might also be used when the overall structure of your house is altered to accommodate the conversion.

As mentioned, ventilation might be necessary for the attic. Hire workers who can check if your HVAC system can reach the attic, especially since you will most likely need heating and cooling in the area. You can also consider alternative options if you are running on a budget. Other things to do include:

Clear Out the Junk

Begin by removing all unnecessary junk in the attic. Apart from the fact that you won’t need them anymore, this would give more space when working on the conversion. 

If you will add new insulation before installing drywall, remember to remove any old insulation that might still be there. An industrial vacuum can help in doing so. 

Add Electrical Wiring

If you have secured the necessary permits, you can now add more essentials and features to your attic. Hire a licensed electrician to work on adding the wiring that would meet the requirements set by the building. This would also be easier and safer for you.

Build a Subfloor If Needed

Check the surroundings of your attic. If you notice joists on the floor, you will have to build a subfloor. Do this when the electrical and ventilation installations are done and in place. 

Regarding sound traveling, you can opt to add insulation under the subfloor paneling or go for a thicker subfloor panel that can minimize or drown out the sound. If you are unsure how to build a subfloor yourself, you can hire an expert to do it for you.

Install Insulation

If you choose to do it by yourself, remember that batt insulation with a vapor-retarder facing would best fit for your attic. This insulation is flexible and can be installed easily.  However, be mindful of sealing spaces where air can pass to the rooms below the attic.

Additionally, batt insulation would work best if you cut it to fit between standard wall joists and 8-foot-high walls. However, this length is not always the same for attic walls. You can use a utility knife to cut pieces if the batts don’t fit.

Place a Drywall

Next would be finishing the attic walls. Installing drywall would help your attic get its shape, and you can do this by hanging it horizontally from the studs and tightening them with drywall screws. Then, using drywall mud, cover the seams and screws. 

Paint It

Add colors to your attic by painting the drywall. This step would now make you feel that this is a living space. But remember that new drywall has to be primed before any painting starts. 

After the priming, paint at least two coats over the drywall to make it look more finished. Be mindful of using painting colors that would complement the overall look of your attic. Consider the amount of natural light coming in as well.

Choose the Flooring

Now that you’re near the end of the process, it’s time to add the flooring for your attic. A good choice would be to use carpet to minimize sound and add insulation to the floor. 

Once you have chosen the flooring you think will be perfect for your attic, follow the instructions the professional you hire will give you to ensure a successful installation.


After finishing and converting your attic, you can now start adding furniture and things that you feel would make it as lively as the other rooms. Do not waste the extra space your attic has and turn it into a new room for your home. You will indeed have a great addition to your household following these tips. What are you waiting for? Give your attic a makeover now.

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