Things to Consider before Living through a Home Renovation

Things to Consider before Living through a Home Renovation
Published May 20, 2022 by Rob in Articles, Blog

Seeing your house transformed into your dream home can be an uplifting experience. However, home renovation can have its drawbacks. Your large-scale remodeling or first-floor addition might cause stress whether you stay throughout the duration of the project or move to avoid the inconvenience. 

Stress is unavoidable during renovations, and nearly everyone in the household has difficulties at some point during the process – there are ups and downs, and is sometimes referred to as an emotional rollercoaster. If you decide to stay during the renovation, the most important thing to remember is to keep your sanity.

The suggestions below may help you prepare for the possible inconvenience you may experience during a home renovation.

Preparations You Need for the Renovation

Before you begin the renovation, it will be easier for you to live with the necessities, so start decluttering. Make sure you have drop sheets, tarps, and blankets on hand because you’ll need a lot of them to cover key furniture pieces and other stuff. 

To deal with the dust, gather all your essentials in a room that won’t be renovated, cover them, and then seal off the space.

Take all your fragile goods out of the work area and put them away. Don’t forget to label them as “fragile” if you plan to keep them in boxes. Every sealed storage box should be labeled, so you know where to look for the items you require.

Distance yourself from the construction site to avoid obstructing the work of the builders and craftsmen.

Before you begin your project, double-check that you’ve made all your decisions and finalized all your choices. This way, you won’t be pressured to make decisions quickly. It also ensures clarity as the project progresses. 

The last thing your contractor wants to do is work out changes throughout the construction process due to a last-minute change of heart.

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Things You Should Expect During the Renovation

You can expect changes in your daily routine. For instance, there might be disruptions in your water, electricity, or internet at times. 

Consistent communication with your remodeler or contractor will help avoid unnecessary situations happening on the job site. Give the construction team some breathing room to do the job, and communicate with them about their projected completion date so that they can plan accordingly. 

If you’ve been given a deadline, your contractor should be on track. It doesn’t matter how each individual thing proceeds in between as long as they are still confident in meeting your deadline. Talk to your contractor about it during a pre-arranged meeting if you’re concerned.

Always keep your children and pets away from the construction site. If you have dogs, keep them away for the duration of the project. Doors and gates are often left open, and the construction team is not responsible for keeping an eye on them.

Water intrusion is unavoidable. Although your contractor will do everything possible to avoid it, water can still find its way in during the early stages of a large-scale project. 

Your contractor will make good on the places that have been harmed, so be sure to communicate with them when this occurs.

What You Should Do If You’re Temporarily Relocating

There’s no shame in moving out if staying home is becoming too stressful. Just make sure you have the funds. Talk to your renovation contractor about the recommended time to move out, so you can start looking for housing. 

Look for a suitable rental property that is close to the construction site, school, and business so that getting about won’t be a problem. Drive by frequently to observe how your home is progressing, and meet with your contractor every few weeks to discuss progress. 

For security and safety concerns, never enter a construction site without giving a heads up to your construction team.


It’s your choice whether to stay during a home renovation or to move out. Estimate the quantity of work that has to be done and the time it will take for the construction team to complete the project. Depending on your scenario, it is up to you and your family to consider the benefits and drawbacks.

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