What are the Pros and Cons of One-Story Ranch Builds?

What are the Pros and Cons of One-Story Ranch Builds?
Published June 3, 2022 by Rob in Articles, Blog

One intriguing national trend is the increased construction of one-story dwellings. From North Dakota to Michigan and Ohio, down south to Texas, and across Alabama, the number of new single-story homes outnumbers the number of new two-story homes. One-story homes are frequently considered either starter homes or empty-nester retirement homes. Individuals and families select one way of life over another for various reasons. If you haven’t carefully considered the feasibility of each choice, here’s a list of advantages and drawbacks to consider.

Pros for the Single-Story Home

1. No-Step Living

One of the biggest plus points for a single-story home is that it’s easy to move into and around. The lack of stairs allows moving in or out to be a simple process. There’s no need to consider whether the new location has a staircase or the accessibility of a ramp. No one needs to be concerned about stairs on the way out to the mailbox, to a nearby park, or a neighbor’s home. Designed for single-story living, the house can be more open and free-flowing, increasing freedom of movement and providing more light throughout the home.

2. Lower Cost of Construction

The cost of adding a second story to your home is considerable. You’ll spend more for the lumber to frame the additional floor and the labor to build it.

3. Appealing to Today’s Buyers

As a homebuyer, you can’t help but be attracted to the open design of a ranch or low-country home. The single-story has the appeal of the spacious and welcoming floor plan. Also, future buyers might want to add a second story for their own family members, and you can sell the home at a high price.

4. Expanded Listing Appeal

If you plan to list your ranch or low-country home for sale and sell it for top dollar, you should choose a nice two-story home in a move-in condition. The right two-story home can get you top dollar, but the wrong two-story home will not appeal to many buyers and will not get you top dollar.

Cons of a Single-Story Home

1. Lack of Privacy

Privacy can be an issue in a single-story home. A home design that offers an abundance of natural light can make you feel like your own home is transparent. Adding blinds or curtains can help, but it’s an extra expense that can still leave you feeling exposed. Be sure you choose a floor plan with good space planning, many windows, and a great view of the front of the property. A view can help create a feeling of openness and privacy that is lacking when viewing the outside from the inside.

2. Limited Space

One of the negatives of a single-story home is that there is limited space. If you want to expand the home, you’ll need to add a second story. Even then, you’ll have to figure out how to add on without ruining the flow and character of the home. It’s also harder to add on in a way that blends well with your home. A second-story addition is typically less noticeable than a first-floor expansion.

3. Needs More Property

Another concern is that a single-story home needs more property than a two-story home. You’ll need to consider the possibilities of a larger backyard or the addition of a deck or patio.


As a homebuyer, you want to choose the right home for you and your family. A single-story home might be the right choice for you. For many, the lack of stairs is a relief and might be the overall best choice.

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