How to Preserve A Traditional Home Despite A Major Remodeling

How to Preserve A Traditional Home Despite A Major Remodeling
Published August 25, 2022 by Rob in Articles, Blog

When it comes to home remodeling in Houston, TX, there are many factors to consider to maintain its original character. This can be daunting, but with careful planning and execution, it is possible to preserve the unique features that make your home special successfully.

Knowing the current architecture and how the proposed changes would affect it is crucial to maintaining a home’s unique identity. 

For instance, if you are considering adding a second story to your home, consult an architect or engineer to ensure that the structure can support the additional weight. In addition, take care to match the new construction materials with the existing ones as closely as possible.

Another important consideration is the home’s existing layout. If you are planning to reconfigure the floor plan, be sure to do so in a way that preserves the home’s original character. 

For example, if your home has a traditional center-hall layout, don’t remove the center staircase to create an open-concept floor plan. Instead, work with the existing layout to create a more open feel without sacrificing the home’s original character.

Moreover, don’t forget the small details that make your home unique. From the doorknobs to the light fixtures, be sure to select items that complement the home’s existing style. By taking the time to preserve the home’s original character, you can create a space that is both beautiful and unique.

Modernizing older homes while retaining as many original features as possible is a popular goal among those who desire to remodel them. After all, older homes have a charm that more contemporary buildings don’t.

Many people wonder if this is even conceivable. There are ways to strike the perfect balance between old and new, and here, your dependable home remodelers share them with you:

List The Enticing Features of The House

Before planning any Houston, TX remodeling or repairs, consider the aspects of your home you value. If you favor the wooden staircase and the wooden flooring, think about matching your new flooring to the old one.

Although this advice may seem apparent, many homeowners disobey it and spend a lot of money on new fixtures and materials that might not be the greatest choice for their homes.

Replace Any Damaged or Outdated Parts

Your home could use some TLC in certain areas. Consider replacing cracked wood or ceramic tiles with materials comparable in hue or the same shade. 

Consider repainting your walls if the paint has chipped. Instead of removing the existing paint, add a fresh coat on top of it to give the area a lovely new look. If the floor becomes carpeted, you might also want to do this in your crawl space.

Note All The Things That Need Be Altered

Make a note of every piece of furniture in your house that has to be replaced, such as the sinks, cabinets, and faucets. Take note of the prices associated with each as you quickly check your budgeted amount for all your renovation requirements. 

Don’t forget to include any goods you’d like to have for your comfort and convenience, such as a new bathroom or laundry room, even if it’s important to prioritize your list.

Conduct A Home Inspection

Before beginning any remodeling or renovation work, you should have your home professionally assessed to determine what needs to be repaired or replaced to maintain the property’s structural integrity. 

This is a great approach to estimating the amount of work required and seeing if any unforeseen problems need to be fixed before you begin.

What Are The Typical Improvements Made To Older Homes?

The most frequent updates that homeowners make to their older homes are listed in the list below:

Bathroom Renovations

  • Equivalent parts should be used to replace worn-out or damaged ones.
  • Install new fixtures and faucets in place of worn-out ones.
  • Modern improvements should be made to the restroom.

Kitchen Renovations

  • New cabinetry and appliances should be used in place of the old ones.
  • Replace the sink, faucet, and countertops.

Upgrades To Cabinets and Countertops

  • Upgrade the old cabinets with newer models.
  • Install new countertops in place of broken ones.
  • Install new faucets in place of the old ones.

Improvements To The Flooring

  • Any worn-out ceramic tiles should be replaced with new ones.
  • Apply a fresh layer of paint to give wood flooring a new look.

Interior Home Remodeling

  • The wall hangings need to be replaced with fresh ones.
  • Use new paint to give your space a fresh look.
  • Include modern interior touches like art and mirrors.

Home Exterior Renovations

  • Replace worn-out exterior components with fresh ones.


When undertaking a major remodeling project, it is important to consider a home’s original character. There are a few ways to achieve this, such as using salvaged materials, maintaining original features, and being mindful of the home’s overall proportions. Doing so can ensure that your home’s unique personality is not lost during the remodeling process. Lastly, you can hire one of the best home remodeling companies in Houston, TX. 

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