6 Kitchen Remodel Ideas for a Picture-Perfect Space

6 Kitchen Remodel Ideas for a Picture-Perfect Space
Published October 7, 2022 by Rob in Articles, Blog

From cooking familiar recipes to settling for cups of tea, your kitchen is likely one of the most-used rooms in your home. As such, you want it to look Instagram-worthy and reflect your style. 

As home cooking continues to gain popularity in the pandemic, this trend keeps pushing the kitchen further into the home design spotlight. From whipping up breakfast omelets to attempting coq au vin, the kitchen’s layout, look, and functionality is crucial to the ease of daily life. Also, kitchen remodeling can help upgrade your home’s resale value.

Whether you want to reel a new countertop or upgrade your appliances, here are five ideas for your next kitchen remodel project:

1. Upgraded Appliances

A deteriorating dishwasher, stove, and fridge can clearly show that your kitchen needs remodeling. When planning a kitchen remodeling project, you must always choose the ideal appliances that will fit in new counters and cabinets. The latest devices can help improve the cooking experience while reducing electric bills. 

2. L-Shape Layout

The L-shape layout can bring home a massive win for your kitchen remodeling project. Unlike the U-shaped design, the L-shaped layout places all counters, appliances, and plumbing on two adjoining walls. 

It opens up more room for a kitchen island, breakfast nook, or more space to chat with guests. This shape is also ideal for small kitchens. 

3. Natural Hues

An essential factor to consider when remodeling your kitchen is the colors. Warm colors lure in the beauty outside your kitchen, even if you don’t have much natural light in the room. 

Warm tan, slate blue, and sage green work best for painting, cabinet colors, islands, and kitchen carts; they also blend well with metallics and natural stone countertops. 

4. Customized Backsplashes

A backsplash covers the wall area between a kitchen countertop and upper cabinets. Adding this detail to your remodeling project allows you to express yourself through different textures, colors, and materials. 

Consider choosing a complementary color that matches your tiles and reflects surrounding light fixtures. Nature can also inspire you, especially if it sits under or near a window. 

5. Easy To Clean Workspaces

Maintaining cleanliness is crucial for a healthy kitchen; mainly, you’ll be handling food thrice a day. Natural stone countertops with antibacterial properties, such as marble, quartz, porcelain, and granite, are easy to clean. They’re worth a few more dollars for your kitchen’s remodeling.

6. Creative Storage & Shelves 

And to cap off our list of kitchen remodel ideas, it’s crucial to have efficient and creative storage and shelving. A cluttered kitchen can make it tricky when finding the needed cooking supplies. 

Modern kitchens have out-of-sight areas for trash and recycling and more efficient ways to access unruly cookware or your vast Tupperware collection. 

Cooking Up a New Plan

From whipping up simple breakfast to attempting fancy dishes, the kitchen is the most used room in your home. And you must style or remodel it according to your needs. Kitchen remodeling projects can increase your home’s resale value if you plan to sell your house. 

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