All the Things That You Need to Know about Home Additions

All the Things That You Need to Know about Home Additions
Published January 26, 2023 by Rob in Articles, Blog

Do you want to stay in your current community and school district but require extra space to raise a family? As your children grow, you may find it difficult to accommodate all of them in the house, particularly if you still need a finished basement or attic.

That said, you may be contemplating a house expansion as an alternative to relocating from your current location.  You may even ask how flexible the options are for constructing extensions to your home. How much do they cost? In such a case,  you’ll find out below.

1. Converting Your Garage

Some people may consider their attached garages to be more suited to housing a bed or couch than a vehicle. When compared to the price of a brand-new living room or bedroom, a few early mornings of scraping snow off your automobile seem quite minor.

Given that the garage’s walls, roof, and flooring are already in place, it’s an appealing option for a renovation project. Putting in some plumbing, electrical, flooring, and finishing touches will transform the space into a comfortable new room. As an afterthought, block off the entrances with solid walls.

Converting your garage may cost less up front, but remember that it could end up hindering your home’s resale value.

2. Sunrooms

Adding a three-season room to your home is a common, low-cost, and non-intrusive way to increase your living space. A sunroom can be constructed in a number of ways, including using conventional lumber framing or pre-fabricated structural parts.

One of the best things about sunrooms is that they can be constructed with virtually entirely windows and heated by the sun. The problem is that most sunrooms aren’t heated or wired for electricity, so if you ever need electric-powered equipment in that spot, you may need to add a couple of power sockets.

3. One-Room Extensions

A one-room addition or bump-out is the best way to solve the issue presented by the first two alternatives.

Even a 3-foot extension off the kitchen or dining area counts as an expansion. You’ve probably noticed these kinds of ornaments suspended from the ceiling. If all you need is some breathing area for an island in the kitchen or extra room around the table in the dining room, they can be a great solution.

To get a full-sized room that’s heated and wired but doesn’t require a separate entrance, you can construct a standalone room that’s always visible from the rest of the house. This is something that many people do to their homes to acquire more rooms or square footage.

One-room expansions are typically costly because they serve only one function. Framing, permits, HVAC, electrical work, and hooking a new roofline into your current roofing system all apply, even if on a smaller scale than in a brand-new home.

The Building of an Extension

The most extensive type of home extension involves attaching a completely new miniature house to your old home and then permanently opening it up to the expansion. The best renovations and extensions are those that appear to have always been a part of the original structure.

The installation of a second story with bedrooms and bathrooms substantially alters a home. Second kitchens are typically installed in home extensions if the extra space is rented out.

Home renovations, especially major ones like adding on, may take time and effort. Obtaining the necessary licenses and making the necessary preparations are essential. It’s possible that you’ll have to leave your home completely for several days or weeks. Furthermore, anyone can become exhausted from months of construction.

An extension to your home could double or triple the existing property’s price. However, the return on investment from house improvements is typically rather high when it comes time to sell.


Home additions can greatly add value to your home and improve your quality of life. However, it is important to do your research and consult with professionals before embarking on any home improvement project. With careful planning and execution, you can create the home extension of your dreams!

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