8 Quick & Easy Ways to Add Livable Space to Your Home

8 Quick & Easy Ways to Add Livable Space to Your Home
Published February 3, 2023 by Rob in Articles, Blog

If you’ve been dreaming of adding livable space to your home, you’re in luck! There are several quick and easy ways to add livable space without a major construction project.

Here are some of the most popular options to consider.

1. Convert the Front Porch

One of the quickest and simplest ways to add livable space is to convert your front porch into an enclosed room. All you need are some basic construction materials and some weatherproofing. You can create a room perfect for a small home office, a den, or even an extra bedroom.

2. Finish Your Attic

If you have an unfinished attic, you already have a great space to add livable square footage to your home. All you need to do is add insulation, drywall, and other materials to make it usable. You can create a cozy bedroom, a home office, or even a game room with this new space.

3. Build Above a Detached Garage

If you have a detached garage, you can easily build a second story above it. This is a great way to add a lot of livable space without taking up any extra ground space. You can create an entire apartment above your garage or use it to create a home office, an extra bedroom, or a den.

4. Revamp Your Home’s Entry

Adding a new entryway to your home can be a great way to make an instant impact on your home’s livability. Consider adding a new door with sidelights, a larger entryway, or even a mudroom. All of these updates can make your home feel more inviting and open up space for additional living areas.

5. Add a Second-Floor Addition

If you’re looking for a more substantial way to add livable space to your home, consider adding a second-floor addition. This type of project can give you an extra bedroom, bathroom, office, or family room. Depending on the size of the addition and the complexity of the work involved, this project can be completed in as little as a few weeks.

6. Bump Out

Bump outs are a great way to add livable space to your home without having to do a full-scale remodel. A bump out is a small addition that can be built on the exterior of your home, such as an extra bedroom, bathroom, or office. This type of project is generally much more affordable than a full-scale addition and can be completed in a matter of days.

7. Expand the Ground Floor

Expanding the ground floor of your home is a great way to add more usable space. This can be done by knocking out a wall and expanding the size of a room or by adding a new room altogether.

This type of renovation requires some structural changes, so it’s best to consult with a professional before undertaking this kind of project. However, the end result can be worth the effort, as you’ll be able to enjoy a larger living area.

8. Add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

An ADU is a type of secondary housing unit typically located on the property of a single-family dwelling. This type of unit is a great way to provide additional space for family members, tenants, or for extra living space.

Depending on your local zoning regulations, an ADU may be a great way to add livable space to your home without having to make major renovations.

Final Thoughts

By taking the time to consider these four quick and easy ways to add livable space to your home, you can easily increase the value of your home and create more living space for your family. Whether you choose to revamp your entryway, add a second-floor addition, build a bump out, or finish your basement, you’re sure to love the results!

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