We set the budget at the beginning of the project, and while we include overhead fees, if the project should exceed the set cost for unforeseen reasons, no charges will be made to the customer.

We will respect the commitments made to our clients, as well as their privacy and daily life.

We want our clients to want to pass us along! We strive for every client to suggest us to a friend.

Clients work with every member of the team at one point or another, so we all play an important role, pitch in, and have a customer-first mentality.

Until the contract is signed, we will work with clients making revisions on the budget and plans until it meets their complete satisfaction.

We will handle all of the HOA documents and processes needed to accomplish the project on time and on budget. While the customers make the decisions, we will use our experience to offer any assistance they need.

In the event that something does go wrong with the project, Incredible Homes & Renovations will do whatever it takes to fix the problem.

Quick follow-up to all emails/phone calls with answers being provided as soon as possible. Your Project Manager will touch base daily to ensure the project is moving along as planned.

Having an architect, engineer, and interior designer on staff means that the design staff is certified in their field, and able to handle any project in house without having to deal with exterior help. If there’s a question we don’t know the answer to, we will do the research and find out.

We set the schedule upfront as well, and commit to having the project finished by the end date promised, or we offer a late fee (up to $300/day depending on the project).