Yes, if absolutely necessary, but in most cases we try to schedule appointments during normal business hours.

Yes. You will select all specialty products like doors, hardware, trim, windows, siding, plumbing and electrical fixtures, flooring and paint colors with our guidance. These are normally chosen to closely match the existing items in your home or specific design tastes.

An “Estimate” is just that “an Estimate”. It can and most likely will change depending on what changes you may make after the initial visit. A “Price” is generally fixed (depending on your written agreement) and usually is based on more detailed information taken from the site visit and/or drawings.

Incredible Renovations office is located in the Galleria area at 5814 Winsome Lane, Houston, TX 77057. Our phone number is 713-532-2526.

Yes, Incredible Renovations is one of only a handful of remodelers that guarantees in writing a scheduled completion date or we pay fines for every day we are late in completing your project.

Yes. This is necessary to check daily for any questions or concerns that you may have thought of 24/7.

Yes. Please call us for references in your area or view the testimonials on our website.

Yes. You will meet your supervisor prior to any work being started.

Yes. We offer 1 year warranty on all work, 2 year warranty on major equipment and systems and 10 years on structural changes.

Yes. On our senior staff we have a Graduate Master Builder and a Certified Graduate Remodeler. In addition, Incredible Homes & Renovations is the ONLY remodeler in Texas that has an experienced professional engineer certified by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers thus having the combination of GMB, CGR and PE.