Over time, lifestyles change, and our expectations and requirements for the space in which we live also change. Whether you want to open up a kitchen, move a bathroom, install a downstairs half-bath, or convert a loft or attic into a game room or entertainment center, space conversion experts Incredible Renovations can make your dream a reality.

emomedia-net-13When a house is constructed, most of the interior space is divided by non-supporting walls. These non-supporting walls can be removed, placed in different locations, or altered, according to your requirements, making the space fit your lifestyle rather than the other way round. Our structural engineer and architect will examine your home, advise you on the possibilities, and provide recommendations based upon your requirements and lifestyle expectations. No matter your requirement, you can rest assured that we will not compromise the structural integrity of your home and we will provide you with the best possible solution.

Whether you have purchased an older home, or love the home you are in but would like a different layout, Houston home reconfiguration company Incredible Renovations can provide the expert advice and expertise to complete your project on time and on budget.

What is Home Reconfiguration?

Think of your home as an empty shell with no walls or dividers, an empty canvas, if you like. Our “artists,” or in this emomedia-net-114case, our structural engineer and architect can repaint the layout of your home based upon your requirements. Perhaps you would like to expand the master bedroom, or move it downstairs, change the layout to accommodate a disabled member of the family, lift the roof completely to make a second floor, or on one side to make an additional room to house an entertainment center, or perhaps even a home gym or game room. These are all possibilities when you employ Incredible Renovations.

It takes trained professionals to review and decide which of the walls are load bearing and which bear no structural significance. The non-structural walls can be removed, or additional walls can be installed to divide an open space making the space in which you live fit your lifestyle. In many cases we eliminate posts and load bearing walls by spanning over the current walls with drop down or totally invisible beams. If you do not have enough space inside the current footprint of the home, we can add an extension to the home, divide an open space plan with high ceilings into a two story dwelling: the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

How it works:

We work together with you as partners to develop a plan of your home to fit your expectations. Our structural engineer and architect then develop the best possible solution to fit your requirement. After doing a complete survey, Incredible Renovations provides plans and drawings of the work to be completed. A video “walk through” tour is also used to show you how the home reconfiguration will look after the work is completed. An estimate is also provided with the project implementation plan.

When you are completely satisfied, we apply for any required building permits, relieving you of this headache. As soon as these are ready, we contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date to start the works.

When you employ Houston home reconfiguration specialists, and Golden Hammer Award winners, Incredible Renovations, it really is as simple as that.  Contact Houston home reconfiguration company, Incredible Renovations now to arrange a free consultation.

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