Here we are offering you a general range of the budgets which will help you calculate the cost of your own project. Be certain that we will be there for you if you need our help.

Cash-register-iconCost Estimates

Many publishers and “study groups” have invested heavily in producing statistics on the cost of custom homes/remodeling and the big question of “Cost Recovery” and “Return on Remodeling Investment.” As you analyze the figures, which vary by state and city, you will notice that the results depends on whose figures are being used. If we were to read the figures from surveys of remodelers doing major work with higher than normal price ranges for fantasy projects beyond what the market can bear, then you, as a consumer, may never receive the return on investment you expect.

On the other hand, your return on investment is almost always rewarded if you contract professional builder/remodeler to do reasonable projects adopting reasonable pricing policies.


Here are some ranges of the Custom Home Prices per square foot in the Houston metropolitan area:

Square footage Price Per Square Foot Average Price for Custom Home
2000 $150-$225 $375K
3000 $135-$175 $450K
3500 $125-$165 $500K
4000 $125-$150 $560K
4500 $135-$175 $600K
5000 $125-$185 $700K
6000 $110-$150 $800K

***Add approximately $50K for garage, driveway & porches


Here are some ranges of the most popular remodeling projects completed in 2018-2019 in the Houston metropolitan area:

Project Low Range High Range
Bathroom Addition $50,000 $80,000
Bathroom Remodel $15,000 $60,000
Attic Conversion $55,000 $130,000
Attic with Addition $75,000 $180,000
Covered Patio $15,000 $45,000
Deck Addition $10,000 $23,000
Elevator $25,000 $55,000
Family Room Addition $50,000 $75,000
Home Office Remodel $10,000 $22,000
Major Kitchen Remodel $75,000 $170,000
Minor Kitchen Remodel $30,000 $50,000
Master Suite Addition $65,000 $150,000
Roofing Replacement $12,000 $55,000
Siding Replacement $10,000 $20,000
Sun Room Addition $40,000 $60,000
Garage Apartment $110,000 $175,000
Second Story Addition $200,000 $350,000
Leveling House Foundation $10,000 $35,000
Raising House Foundation $150,000 $300,000
Whole Home Window Replacement $20,000 $40,000

Decision time

Make sure when it is time to select your builder/remodeler that you look for:

  • Integrity of the company principals, as this may be tested at times.
  • Experience and testimonials from happy customers. We have one of the highest referral rates in the industry.
  • Professional designations and the continuing education that comes with them are signs of commitment to improve and stay current with the latest in products and techniques.
  • Reasonable prices are your assurance of getting the fair return on your custom home/remodeling investment.
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