Ready For A Garage Conversion?

If there is enough room, a stand-alone garage is easier to construct as this type of construction does not affect the structure of the home. However, if there is not enough room, or you would simply prefer to construct the garage as an addition to your home, our structural engineer and architect are on-hand to ensure the design will cause the least amount of stress on the structure of your home, fitting seamlessly into the original design.

Garage conversions are very useful when needing extra space needed for a growing family, or to provide a downstairs master bedroom or guest suite. Although most people believe it is easy to convert a garage into habitable space, when everything required is taken into consideration, it can be quite complex. First, the opening for the garage door must be built so that the exterior integrates into the existing structure, making it appear as if the new wall and windows have always been there. Then, the interior must be finished to the same standard as the rest of the house: dry wall, new ceiling, insulation and decoration. If utilities such as water heater, electrical distribution box, etc., are exposed, these must be covered safely or moved to another location. Air conditioning ducts can be extended into the garage, or a new unit installed to provide cooling to the area. If a bathroom is required, plumbing and drainage facilities must be provided.

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