The team at Incredible Renovations is very professional and caring. Joana, our project manager, attended to all the small details. We had a rather large project, so there were many small issues that needed to be looked at a second time. Joana made sure that everything was addressed and that we were happy. She is very smart, professional, and capable. Franco is extremely competent and great at diagnosing issues. We had a leak in our ceiling of which three other plumbers and roofers whom we hired before we began the renovation were not able to correctly identify the cause. Franco figured it out in about 10 minutes, and we were able to address the issue in the renovation project. They did a lovely job renovating our powder bath and a full bath ( pics included). They gave great design ideas including to make the arch in the powder room and to open up the staircase. I enthusiastically recommend Incredible Renovations.

I will make a recommendation to any person renovating an older home: Demo old walls if they are not smooth as a new coat of paint and other upgrades will not look good against an old, bumpy wall. Also, if you can afford it, add crown molding everywhere including the bathrooms…makes a huge difference!