In Houston, older homes may have been built without a garage. In other cases, a garage may be seen as underutilized space that could be used to provide more space for the family. On single story garages, it may be possible to build on top of the garage, making extra space, or perhaps a guest apartment for friends or family.

Whether you require a new garage to be built as an add-on to an existing structure – seamlessly integrating with the design and style of the existing home, or an existing garage conversion into a new home gym, home theater, to serve as an in-law suite, or just to provide more living space for the family, Incredible Renovations has the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide the best possible solution for your enjoyment.

Garage Extension:

If you own an older home in Houston, your home may have been constructed without a garage. Incredible Renovations has been involved in many such projects where the home owner needed a garage either as a stand-alone structure, or fully integrated into the existing house.

If there is enough room, a stand-alone garage is easier to construct as this type of construction does not affect the structure of the home. If there is not enough room, or you would just prefer to construct the garage as an addition to your home, our structural engineer and architect are on-hand to ensure the design will cause the least amount of stress on the structure of your home, fitting seamlessly into the original design.

To some, a garage is seen as unused space that can be converted into the extra space needed for a growing family, or to provide a downstairs master bedroom or guest suite. Although most people believe it is easy to convert a garage into habitable space, when everything required is taken into consideration, it can be quite complex. First, the opening for the garage door must be built so that the exterior integrates into the existing structure, making it appear as if the new wall and windows have always been there. Then, the interior must be finished to the same standard as the rest of the house: dry wall, new ceiling, insulation and decoration. If utilities such as water heater, electrical distribution box, etc., are exposed, these must be covered safely or moved to another location. Air conditioning ducts can be extended into the garage, or a new unit installed to provide cooling to the area. If a bathroom is required, plumbing and drainage facilities must be provided.

Incredible Renovations will provide you with advice and options gained from their intimate experience in remodeling and converting garages in Houston and Fort Bend County, providing you with the best possible solution to meet your expectations, and your budget.

Single story garages provide a great way to add space. An apartment can be built above the existing structure, proving a home office, guest suite, or space for a growing family. In cases where the single story garage is attached to a two story home, our structural engineer will ensure the new construction integrates seamlessly into the original design, causing no additional stress to the existing structure. We will also inspect the existing foundations, strengthening it to support the new construction, if required.

How Can Incredible Renovations Help You?

We will thoroughly inspect the existing structure to ensure the building was constructed according to the plans. We will then design the conversion/extension, integrating it flawlessly into your home. We utilize the latest and highest quality materials for the new floor, walls, windows, ceiling, roof, and foundations. We ensure the room has the required air conditioning facilities and utilities. All the materials are installed by experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen, supervised by engineers working with professional plans drawn by our staff.

Our knowledgeable staff will provide information or samples for the construction, including flooring, exterior coverings, and any required equipment or appliances, making your decisions easier and less stressful. Our design staff then prepares plans to incorporate your selections and develop a video walk through, or tour of your new garage extension or garage conversion to show you how it will look when we have finished the work. If any walls are to be removed or added, the roof to be extended, or raised, our structural engineer and architect will ensure the structural integrity of the works to ensure your safety and compliance with building codes and regulations.

How it works:

When you are completely satisfied with our design, we apply for any required building permits, relieving you of this headache. As soon as these are ready, we contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date to start the works. We complete the works on time and within budget, without sacrificing quality.
When you employ Golden Hammer Award winner, Incredible Renovations, it really is simple.

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