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There are certain amenities that make our homes more enjoyable.. Having the ability to relax in the shade at your outdoor kitchen, entertain guests on the big screen, or the convenience of having a personal gym right down stairs adds more value and enjoyment to one’s home. Allow Incredible Renovations to help you turn your home into an oasis – where you’ll never have to – or want to leave!

Home Theater

Home theaters are becoming more and more popular. Family room conversions, room additions, or conversion of existing open space can all be considered to provide a home theater in your home. Houston home theater specialists Incredible Renovations has completed projects involving all of these and has the experience and knowledge to create a home theater that will provide you, your family, and friends with the ultimate home theater experience.

There is much to consider when designing a home theater: space; seating; lighting and light control, including window treatment; acoustics and materials used for walls, ceiling and floor, etc. Houston home theater specialists Incredible Renovations will provide you with advice and options gained from their intimate experience in designing and constructing home theaters in Houston, offering you the best possible solution to meet your expectations and your budget.

A home theater is a place for family and friends to get together to watch a movie and relax. The decoration of the room is important- at least until the lights are dimmed! If you have space, you might consider installing a wet or dry bar as a place to gather before or after the movie.

Houston home theater specialist Incredible Renovations has the experience and expertise to craft your home theater to fit your lifestyle and budget.

As we try to fit in a daily workout in the local gym, it is becoming increasingly difficult with today’s hectic lifestyle. In the past, many resorted to installing a set of weights or an exercise bike in their garage, battling the heat and humidity to stay fit and healthy. Now, we are finding more and more have decided to bring the exercise machines inside the home, making it convenient and less stressful.

A home gym is a place for the family workout, or a place of solitude to lighten oneself of the day’s turmoil. Whatever the requirement, Houston home gym specialists, Incredible Renovations can provide the solution. The home gym has special requirements: perhaps the floor may need reinforcement; if there is not enough space inside the current configuration of the house an extension may be required. Incredible Renovations structural engineer is on hand to provide expert advice concerning all these points.

Houston home gym specialist Incredible Renovations has the experience and expertise to create the home gym to fit your lifestyle and provide the space and convenience where you can achieve your fitness goals.

How Can Incredible Renovations Help You?

We will help you design the home gym of your dreams. We utilize the latest and highest quality materials from floor, walls and ceiling. We ensure the room has enough ventilation, and the temperature and humidity are kept at optimum levels. As you exercise sweat may drip onto the floor or you may brush against the walls. Special consideration is given to these potential problems, making your home safe and sanitary. All the materials are installed by experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen, supervised by engineers working with professional plans drawn by our staff.

A home gym is a place to wind down from a hard day, working off the stress and reviving the body and mind. You may require entertainment, perhaps a TV to watch, or music whilst you exercise. Houston home gym specialist Incredible Renovations will incorporate all these options, providing you will the latest technology for safety and design options.

Our knowledgeable staff will provide information or samples for flooring, wall treatments, lighting, and equipment, making your decisions easier and less stressful. Our design staff prepares plans to incorporate your selections and develop a video walk tour of your new home gym to show you how it will look when we have finished the works. If any walls are to be removed, our structural engineer and architect will ensure the structural integrity of the works to ensure your safety and compliance with building codes and regulations.

With proper climate control, the patio in your Houston home can be a place for entertainment throughout the whole year.

Whether you need just a covered place to relax and enjoy the garden, or as a place to entertain your friends, your Houston patio experts, Incredible Renovations has the experience, knowledge and expertise to construct the patio of your dreams – on time and on budget, guaranteed.

The barbeque has evolved! Appliances have been adapted for outdoor use, allowing you to have a full, outdoor kitchen complete with oven, smoker, barbeque, refrigerator, drinks cooler, sink and dishwasher. No more dashing in and out of the house; everything can be installed in a stylish and professional manner allowing you to cook and entertain all your family and friends.

How Can Houston Patio Experts – Incredible Renovations Help You?

From a full blown kitchen to a peaceful, secluded place to relax and enjoy the garden, Houston patio experts Incredible Renovations will design and construct the patio of your dreams.

During the consultation phase, we provide expert advice based on our experiences, -making it easy for you to decide on the choice of materials, amount of shade required, climate control equipment, layout, design, and all other aspects necessary to make your patio fit your requirement and lifestyle. We work as your partner, drawing on our wealth of experience, and knowledge of techniques and materials to provide the ultimate design.

When you have decided on the basics, we will provide a 3D walk-through animation so you can see how it will look before we start construction.

Our architect and structural engineer provide the expertise to ensure all construction works form an integral part of your home both structurally and aesthetically. Our experienced craftsmen use the highest quality materials to develop the structure based upon your unique design.

Our knowledgeable staff will provide information or samples for flooring, cover, brick, tiles and other materials that will be used during construction. Our structural engineer and architect will ensure the structural integrity of the works to ensure your safety and compliance with building codes and regulations.

How It Works:

When you are completely satisfied with our design, we apply for any required building permits, relieving you of this headache. As soon as these are ready, we contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date to start the works. We complete the works on time and within budget.

When you employ Incredible Renovations, it really is as simple as that. Contact Incredible Renovations now to arrange a free consultation. (713) 532-2526

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